Monday, 8 May 2017

How to tame a Daeodon

These are quite amazing creatures and probably will be one of the most useful creatures in ARK as they have an extremely unique ability to heal. 
Not only can they heal themselves, but can also heal surrounding tames and allies.

They do however require an enormous amount of meat while the passive healing is enabled, so make sure this beast is stocked up.

  • They spawn on the Northern Region of the island map
  • They are usually found in groups of 2 or more. 
  •  Due to their high metabolism, they are a slightly  hard to take down. I recommend using a bola, and tranq darts for faster knock outs. 
  • They can also be carried by Argy's: You can build a taming pen and drop one inside.
  • Preferred Kibble is Iguanodon Egg
  • It is a fairly aggressive creature and will attack if you wander too close, HOWEVER, if they are alone they will typically run rather then fight
  • Available at level 59
  • Requires: Hide: 290, Fiber, 155, and Metal Ingots, 20

If you have any suggestions on taming these creatures that I have not listed, please feel free to comment below.

Please stay tuned for our Daeodon Taming Video

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